Breathe life into your event.

Add lighting to your decor to give it movement and glow adding quality to your event.
Weather its ambiance or "In your face" lighting you desire we will create it for you.

Set the mood with these lighting options...
Spot or Par Lighting ~ In Still Washes or Morphing Colours
LED Strip Lighting ~ Along a stage or behind a structure for reflected light.
Effect Lighting ~ Glow, Drip, Water, Fire...
Movement Lighting ~ Flowing, Gliding, Strobe or Pulse

See our Ambient Lighting Stretch Pillars here!

Decor Lighting - Party Lighting

Decor Lighting

Stretch-Decor-0003 Stretch-Decor-0004
Stretch-Decor-0007 Stretch-Decor-0008
Stretch-Decor-0009 Stretch-Decor-0012
Stretch-Decor-0013 Stretch-Decor-0014
Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0009 Stretch-Decor-Pillars-0010
Stretch-Decor-Party-Decor-0001 Stretch-Decor-Party-Decor-0002
Stretch-Decor-Tunnels-0003 Stretch-Decor-Tunnels-0004

Lighting-Decor-019 Stretch-Decor-0019
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Party Lighting

Stretch-Decor-Party-Decor-0003 Stretch-Decor-Party-Decor-0005

Lighting-Party-005 Lighting-Party-016 Lighting-Party-009
Lighting-Party-010 Lighting-Party-006 Lighting-Decor-013Lighting-Decor-011 Lighting-Party-001 Lighting-Party-002
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