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Welcome to Sonic Vision the creative heart centre for all things Stretchy,
Event Decor, Stretch Decor, Stretch Tents, Stretch Canopies, Stretch Pillars and Mobile Decor are our passion and speciality.
Choose your size, colour and design, and let our experts work their magic to create your dream decor.

We also manufacture Stretch Tent Decor, Bedouin Tent Decor, Decor for Marquees, and any other tents or structures you would like to decorate.

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Stretch Decor

Stretch Pillars ... Ambient lighting deco pillars.
... Any colour ... or combination of colours can be chosen, including fade between different colours.

Stretch Tents

Stretch Canopies ... Dynamic coverings for any event or space

Structures ... Entrance Tunnels, Pillars, Tipi's and Freestanding Artworks

Lighting ... combine lighting with your decor and breathe life into your event


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